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Inaugural Vintage

2022 Kleinlerer Cuvée Sacha & Nitza Rosé of Pinot Noir 
Mettler Vineyard (Organic)
Lodi, California

This is the first release of Cuvée Sacha & Nitza, a Rosé of Pinot Noir named in honor of my parents’ memory. Our home was a blend of cultures, fiercely passionate personalities, varied interests, and warmth towards all. Neither a white nor a red wine, rosé stands uniquely on its own and shares qualities of both styles of wines. With strawberry and cherry notes that are balanced by high acidity, this wine is a reflection of the wonderful memories I have of them.

The grapes are Certified Organic and grown by the Mettler Family in Lodi. The Mettlers have been grape growers for over 8 generations dating back to their family vineyards in Alsace. The wine is produced using indigenous yeast and aged in neutral oak barrels. As usual, the wine is unfined, unfiltered, and produced with minimal sulfur. This is the perfect wine to sip year-round with just about anything – like my mother’s incredible salads, Schnitzel or Chicken Soup, or my father’s famous Chicken with Lemon Sauce, or Boeuf Bourguignon. I invite you to raise a toast of this wine to those you love.